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   Timber framing is an age old way of building homes. A timber frame will stand the test of time and lend itself to a modern way of living and building techniques.
   We use reclaimed Douglas fir timbers from a local supplier, Duluth Timber Company. These timbers are not only salvaged from old buildings, giving them new life in the home, but have unsurpassed strength and quality.
   Because we are a small company, we touch every timber that goes into a home. From the orientation of each timber in relation to the home, the edge detailing and each individual oak peg, care is taken in the details. This gives us a deeper connection to the history of the wood and the future of the home.

A lot of work goes into the finished project. Here is a brief photo summary of some of the steps.

Planing timbers

Cutting a mortise

Stack of timbers during planing.

Close up of surfaced and unsurfaced timber face. Surfaced face on left.

Tenons cut on several roof members.

Some tools of the trade with the beginnings of a kneebrace mortise.

Bents assembled and ready to be lifted.

Flying in purlins with the crane.

Crisp November morning.

Always lots of discussion.

Sticking with tradition and applying a pine bough to the finished frame.

Frame is standing in less than a week and enjoying the sunset.

Joinery is what holds everything together and it is the essence of the time spent in the shop and of the home.   Not only is it absolutely functional, but it can and should be nice to look at.

Through the puzzle at a center post with knee brace branches

Girt to post connection

Interior breakpoint above living room

Center post at bottom of stairs

Face of post with kneebraces

Of course it takes people to put these things together.

Raising crew. l.-r. Dave Stark, Ken Peter, Kyle Campbell, Jon Jenkins, Mark Sherman

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